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Neopian News
22nd May May Flowers

New Colours

Now that the April showers have come and gone, here we have our May 'flowers'! Several pets can now be painted Woodland for a fun, foliage-filled new look!

Woodland Paint Brush
A few even have alts for a more seasonal theme!
Woodland Jubjub - (Spring)Woodland JubjubWoodland Jubjub - (Autumn)Woodland Jubjub - (Winter)

The scent of fresh blooming flowers has also attracted the attention of the butterfly winged Faerie Ginko-- and what's this? A new alt for faeries seems to have emerged! That's right! Some of the older faerie pets are being rejuvenated by renewed Faerie energies and will be coming out with Fanciful new looks!

This month is full of fascination and wonder, the moment you think the excitement is over a splash of magic hits you! Oh, it was just some new Maraquan pets playing in the water! Enjoy the new Chia, Ginko and Motere Maraquans!

7th May Rusted Lamps

New Items

It seems like a bunch of broken lamps have been thrust out of magma vents into the seas recently. Our good friend and scavenger Iris has been on the lookout for them; adding them to her collection and her shop!

Old Rusted Lamp

You will now be able to find these old rusted lamps in Iris Pearl Paradise for a low price of only 500 Golden Shells!

They're in a bit of a beaten up shape but who knows, maybe someone with expertise in fixing and mending items could come to your rescue and make these lamps glow beautifully like they were always meant too!

Thank you Star who saw the recent influx and demand of Moteres and wanted to help users obtain their babies in other ways!!

If this change does not affect the income of lamps too much and they're still overly-expensive to what Star wants them to be, then we'll add more ways of getting the rusted lamp (such as through fishing or krawken)!

Hope you have a fun time with your Motere friends and love them as much as they love you!

7th May Motere and Ogrins!

New Colours

Checkered MotereDisco MotereSponge MoterePink MotereStrawberry Motere

Fuzzy Little Friends!

Motere lovers out there will enjoy this colour update! It features Five new fuzzy little friends for you to admire and play with!

Brown OgrinCloud OgrinCream OgrinCream Ogrin - (Albino)Cream Ogrin - (Leucistic)

... and Not-so-Little Fuzzy Friends

This update will be a hit with the Ogrin lovers out there - these pets rarely get treated to new colours so having 3 new colours including 2 alts being released will hopefully make your day!

27th April Cybunny Day - Grab yours now!

General News

Cybunny Day!

We haven't got a system automatically set up and running for pet days; so we haven't really celebrated them. Eventually this will change in the future. For now Admin has thrown in 300 Cybnuuys (Cybunnies) into the Create-A-Pet page! Grab them before they're gone!

27th April Island Revamp & Consulting Team

New Feature

Island Revamp & Consulting Team

Hello everyone! We have an important announcement regarding an overhaul on which the art team has been slowly working on for a while now.

You may have noticed that the Island pets have been put under construction (image seen above); this is a temporary notice and our artists are working on a simple basic recolour to replace the islands soon. The recolours will also be a temporary state of the island colour whilst our art team works diligently with the Consultants team we have to create a more culturally uplifting and appropriate island experience for you.

What is the Consultant Team?

If you're not on the discord you may not know this - but we have a consulting team regarding the racially insensitive material that is unfortunately prevalent in Neopets. It's been slow moving trying to gather people who are suitable for giving the feedback and who are personally affected by the state of things; but our ducks are in a row and we've been making considerable progress recently! That being said we always need more opinions! Though we're not ready to open the Consultants Team to public applications just yet, it will be open soon!

The Consultants Team will be a system in which Moderneopets players who are added to the team will be asked for their valuable cultural experiences in order to better reinvent certain aspects of the site (be it art, functional lands like Mystery Island or Shenkuu, items or neopets lore). Users who have relevant personal experience will be encouraged to apply to the Consultants Team if they wish to work with our artists in order to realize a more accessible and more sensitive vision of Moderneopets. A position on the Consultants Team may require users to engage with sensitive subjects, as well as creative thinking, flexibility, and collaboration with other users and the Moderneopets Art Panel in order to come to the most viable solutions with what resources we have available.

Why has it taken so long?

Given the sensitivity of the material we want to make sure that it's done right; that we don't repeat the same mistakes as Neopets. We've been discussing and working on guidelines to follow to make sure the Island colour is appropriate and inoffensive, but that has taken time.

Though, I (Hazer) should have replaced the Island pet images with a placeholder long ago, and I apologize for not doing so sooner.
I hope we'll be able to bring Moderneopets into a more inclusive and accepting site and hope you will enjoy what we have in the works!
It might take some time still, but now the ball is rolling we can't be stopped.


Please note you may still see the old island images, in this case you will need to clear your cache!

20th April April Showers...

New Feature

Grey TatsuGrey GnorbuGrey Blumaroo

April Showers...

The rain seems to be pouring down over Neopia and it seems like some pets are feeling the burn from it, these grey pets are perfect for those rainy days. (I'm sure they're enjoying the weather in their own way). Though the rain and upcoming higher temperatures will lead to...

Polkadot DraikPolkadot GnorbuPolkadot Kitzen

Spring Sunshine & Fun

When the clouds part the sun will shine down and the flowers will blossom; A truly joyful time for the spring and sun loving pets of Neopia. They bounce and bound around in joy -- their colours reflecting the colourful time of Late Spring and Early Summer! We have THIRTY NEW POLKADOT PETS!

Polkadot Bori - (Pastel)Polkadot Ixi - (Pastel)Polkadot Skeith - (Pastel)

That's not just all - there are a bunch of pets with a Pastel Alternative to the Polkadot colour!

A massive thank you to the hard work and amazing talent of our artists as usual!

Many of these works were from collaborations between our artists but at the moment our alt system cannot fully credit them.

We will be updating the system soon!

9th April Festival of Neggs 2023


It's time for Moderneopets Annual Festival of Neggs event! Kari has been very busy recently with the grand opening of the neggery!

Edible Guide to Jelly WorldGlamour NeggGhost NeggFaerie Queen NeggNegg Trivia

That's right! The Neggery is now open for business! You can trade in your neggs for points which then can be redeemed for magical neggs, but that's not all! Since there have been a lot of Festival of Neggs in the past there's many goodies that we've missed out on; no longer! Kari is stocking the neggery with every past Festival of Negg event item - all for only 50 Negg Points each!

NeggPurple NeggGreen NeggOrange NeggFish NeggSuper Negg

It seems like she's let a few neggs run loose for this Festival of Neggs to help you get a start on collecting your negg points! You'll be able to find them scattered about the site, and if you're lucky; you could even find a super negg which could contain one of these items:

Chocolate Draik EggCandy Paint BrushOne-Use Chocofication Zappermajig

That's right! Not only will you be getting negg points galore but you could also receive a Candy Paint Brush, One-Use Chocofication Zappermajig or even a... CHOCOLATE DRAIK EGG!

Talking about Negg Points; any Neggs with a point value that can be redeemed now can be found in the Redeemable Neggs category... which you can search for to help you find all your delicious points easily!

Colourful Painted Negg WingsEaster Negg Mystery CapsuleStriped Painted Negg Wings
Easter Negg Mystery Capsules

You'll be able to find these beautiful capsules in the money tree on the hour each hour of this event. They contain:

2 random NC Items and a chance at either Colourful or Striped Painted Negg Wings

Event Gifts & Capsule Donations end 2023-04-16 NST!

Now that the neggery is open, all the items that the neggery sells have been put into the wishing well blacklist, along side any neggs which give negg points!

More items will be added to the neggery shop soon, they just need to be added to the site first!

Our lovely artists have taken a much needed break over March, so this release does not have any new colours for you all, sorry!
Though look forward to the rest of April as I'm sure they're cooking up SOMETHING....

14th March Malevolent Energy...

New Items

It seems to be appearing in the darkest depths of Neopia recently, distorting and corrupting everything it touches. Well, almost everything; some catalysts are far more susceptible to the effects of it than others.

Fyora has had her hands busy collecting the energy to prevent it from changing Neopia uncontrollably. She will however sell it to you for a price... Quite a large one!

14th March March Colour Drop

New Colours

We have another big colour drop coming from the art panel and their perpetual zoomies so lets get right to it!
Less fluff text - more action!

Seven more pets are now donning Valentine paint- and, the Valentine Colour has its own custom Circle now for all of those doki doki sparkle sparkle feelings you may have!

Iridescent DraikIridescent Ogrin - (Emerald)Iridescent Aisha - (Amethyst)

... more sparkly Iridescents!

Striped RukiStarry LutariStriped GnorbuStarry Lutari - (Classic)

... Stars and Stripes!

Retrowave JetsamRetrowave Quiggle

... two funky Retrowaves!

Wraith Kougra - (Wisp)Wraith Soreen - (Lantern)

... More Wraith alt support!

Mint Buzz

... a Minty fresh Buzz!

Pastel RukiPastel Ruki - (Classic)

... a Pastel Ruki with an alt!

Faerie Eyrie - (Classic)

... a new Faerie Eyrie alt!

Grey Elephante

... a sad Elephante!

Mutant Ginko

... a mutant Ginko!

Eventide Ogrin

... and last but not least, an Eventide Ogrin!

14th February Love is in the air, and so is mischief!


💖 Happy Valentines Day! 💖

It is the day of celebrating love and connection - and we here at Moderneopets are no different. You have all been amazing and we always like spoiling you for it - today is no exception! As well as some gifts and chocolates we have a bunch of goodies in store for you this year!

If you click the button in the sidebar you will be given a bunch of valentines gifts to enjoy.

Event Gifts

They're back! Little floating gifts will appear around site and you can win some lovely goodies, from capsules to chocolate and even the rare chance at nabbing yourself a One Use Chocification Zappermajig!

Capsules back in action

Admin is back at it again this year donating more capsules to the tree for you to collect! Each hour on the hour you will have the chance to snag lots of capsules from the money tree.

Not feeling the love yet? Just wait for it...

The love in the air has gotten so powerful that Neopets all across the globe have started to be affected by it! This loving fever has filled the world of Neopia with hearts and happiness, and it seems to have only just gotten started.

Valentine Paint Brush

A big start for sure though, with the Valentine colour starting off with a massive 13 supported pets!! Grab yourself a Valentine Paint Brush or get lucky with some flasks/zaps to get your own today!

Valentine DandanValentine FlipperbotValentine Grackle TrapValentine Lurman
Valentine MarafinValentine NoakValentine Snowbunny

The affection permeating the air isn't just affecting Neopets, it has also started to affect more kinds of Petpets out there, resulting in 7 New Valentine Petpet Colours!

On the subject of Petpets...

It seems like massive strides have happened recently in discovering new kinds of Petpets across Neopia! Our best field biologists have found a bunch of new Petpets of all variations! You can find their field notes below:

Field Notes
New Variants Found

8 Wraiths
4 White
10 Striped
2 Albino
4 Black
1 Blue
5 Brown
1 Cloud
2 Cream
1 Fire
1 Ghost
4 Green
6 Invisible
2 Leucistic
1 Mutant
5 Orange
4 Pink
6 Purple
1 Rainbow
3 Red
1 Retrowave
3 Speckled
11 Split
1 Spotted
1 Starry

Noted Petpet Species

Babaa, Bloop, Kadoatie, Marafin, Ukali, Weewoo, hopso, Slorgclops, Short Fuse, Bearog, Dandan, Flipperbot, Grackle Trap, Lurman, Noak, Snowbunny, Altalaphus, C430 Autobot, Gallion, Geb, Ghostkerfish, Globilol, Haseepuss, Turnali, Wheelie Bot, Acko, Gathow, Albat.

Valentine Petpets have not been included in these notes, please see our study on the recent love fever phenomenon for those.

Pink KitzenKitzenOrange Kitzen

Merifoods and the Missing Draik Eggs
New Petpet Species Discovered - The "Kitzen"!

Investigation Notes
Merifoods Pest discovered!

Whilst looking into the case of Merifoods stock disappearing consistently, especially it being the most valued items they sell; the Draik eggs, I have discovered the culprit. It appears to be a new species of Petpet which is very illusive and sneaky, sticking to the shadows and grabbing the eggs with incredible speed before leaving with no trace, It was only by pure luck that I stumbled upon one in the act.

They seem to be very mischievous but clearly they are acting out of survival and mean no harm by their actions. It's safe to assume we can put in some anti-pest measures and perhaps find these friendly little tricksters good homes... If we can catch them!

That investigators notes said they were... petpets right? Then why are there massive ones suddenly exploring and playing tricks on Neopians?! Either that investigator needs to find a new job as their eyes are clearly not working, or something else is going on here that we need to get to the bottom of... Maybe exploring their natural habitat of Brightvale will uncover these secrets...

Many Neopians enjoyed bountiful gifts and celebrations during the month of celebrating, as the name would suggest. However not everyone is that lucky. What happens to those plushies you all walked by when choosing gifts for your pets? They gathered dust... gathered emotions... started to be filled with a darkness that cannot be truly described.

They turned Malevolent. Sentient. They seek to bite the hand that never decided to give them a chance. Maybe you could give them that chance now; to try and warm their ice cold hearts. I'd be careful though, who knows what they have planned.

Christmas Tatsu
The Tatsu that Celebrations Forgot...

Seems like the plushies weren't the only ones that were left forgotten over the season of celebrating... The poor Christmas Tatsu was dying to show off their sleek seasonal aesthetic to Neopia and take it by snowstorm... Then Deebs forgot to add him in and Hazer kept forgetting to add him in after the fact. No longer! It is the Christmas Tatsu's time to shine!!

Misc Credits:
Kitzen Species and Mysterious Fountain - Mochi

For all pet/item credits please check the rainbow pool and item search!
Thanks again to all the wonderful artists that make these updates possible!

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