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Neopian News
15th July - Pride Month Alternative Colours - Batch Two!

New Colours

We're back again like promised with a bunch more recolours for you!
There are a couple of new alternatives such as Egg and Candy Floss as well as filling out the rest of the missing pets on others!

Remember the scientist is giving free alternatives for July as well, so now is the time to make them!

Here are some of the new pets:

Brown Kyrii - (Soil)Brown Ruki - (Soil)Brown Kau - (Soil)
Soil Brown

Orange Tatsu - (Salmon)Orange Ruki - (Salmon)Orange Draik - (Salmon)
Salmon Orange

Pink Draik - (Mall)Pink Acara - (Mall)Pink Hissi - (Mall)
Mall Goth Pink

Purple Korbat - (Dusk)Purple Acara - (Dusk)Purple Lupe - (Dusk)
Dusk Purple

White Elephante - (Nautilus)White Techo - (Nautilus)White Mynci - (Nautilus)
Nautilus White

As well as the new...

White Kiko - (Egg)White Mynci - (Egg)White Quiggle - (Egg)
Egg White!

Pink Scorchio - (Candy)Pink Nimmo - (Candy)Pink Tuskaninny - (Candy)
Candy Floss Pink!

Some older alternative colours have been added such as cantaloupe, topaz and other missing pets.
Please check the credits below for all the new colours!
(If we listed all the individual alt pictures here there would be hundreds of images!)

Thank you to all the amazing and talented artists which helped make this update possible:

Banana Yellow Kau - Micah
Brick Red Gnorbu - Star
Brick Red Kacheek - Micah
Brick Red Kau - Micah
Brick Red Yurble - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Acara - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Aisha - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Blumaroo - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Bori - Star
Candy Floss Pink Bruce - Star
Candy Floss Pink Buzz - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Chia - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Chomby - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Cybunny - Star
Candy Floss Pink Dirego - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Draik - Star
Candy Floss Pink Elephante - Star
Candy Floss Pink Eyrie - Star
Candy Floss Pink Flotsam - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Gelert - Star
Candy Floss Pink Ginko - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Grarrl - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Grundo - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Hissi - Star
Candy Floss Pink Ixi - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Jetsam - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Jubjub - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Kacheek - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Kau - Star
Candy Floss Pink Kiko - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Kitzen - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Kohmo - Star
Candy Floss Pink Koi - Star
Candy Floss Pink Korbat - Doki
Candy Floss Pink Kougra - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Krawk - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Kyrii - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Lenny - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Lulamu - Star
Candy Floss Pink Lupe - Star
Candy Floss Pink Lutari - Star
Candy Floss Pink Meerca - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Moehog - Star
Candy Floss Pink Motere - Star
Candy Floss Pink Mynci - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Nimmo - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Ogrin - Star
Candy Floss Pink Peophin - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Poogle - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Pteri - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Quiggle - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Ruki - Star
Candy Floss Pink Scorchio - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Shoyru - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Skeith - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Skritter - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Soreen - Star
Candy Floss Pink Tatsu - Star
Candy Floss Pink Techo - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Tonu - Star
Candy Floss Pink Tuskaninny - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Uni - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Usul - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Vandagyre - Star
Candy Floss Pink Wocky - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Xweetok - Star
Candy Floss Pink Yumack - Star
Candy Floss Pink Yurble - Micah
Candy Floss Pink Zafara - Micah
Cantaloupe Yellow Gnorbu - Star
Cantaloupe Yellow Kacheek - Micah
Cantaloupe Yellow Kau - Micah
Cantaloupe Yellow Yurble - Micah
Clover Green Kau - Micah
Dawn Orange Korbat - Doki
Dusk Purple Acara - Star
Dusk Purple Gelert - Star
Dusk Purple Jubjub - Star
Dusk Purple Korbat - Doki
Dusk Purple Lupe - Star
Dusk Purple Moehog - Star
Dusk Purple Ruki - Star
Dusk Purple Techo - Star
Egg White Aisha - Micah
Egg White Bruce - Star
Egg White Chia - Micah
Egg White Dirego - Micah
Egg White Eyrie - Star
Egg White Flotsam - Micah
Egg White Gelert - Doki
Egg White Gnorbu - Micah
Egg White Grarrl - Micah
Egg White Grundo - Micah
Egg White Ixi - Micah
Egg White Jubjub - Micah
Egg White Kacheek - Micah
Egg White Kau - Doki
Egg White Kiko - Micah
Egg White Kitzen - Micah
Egg White Kohmo - Micah
Egg White Koi - Doki
Egg White Korbat - Doki
Egg White Kougra - Micah
Egg White Kyrii - Doki
Egg White Lenny - Micah
Egg White Lulamu - Doki
Egg White Lupe - Doki
Egg White Motere - Star
Egg White Mynci - Micah
Egg White Ogrin - Star
Egg White Poogle - Micah
Egg White Pteri - Micah
Egg White Quiggle - Micah
Egg White Shoyru - Micah
Egg White Skritter - Micah
Egg White Soreen - Micah
Egg White Techo - Doki
Egg White Wocky - Micah
Egg White Zafara - Micah
Emerald Green Gnorbu - Star
Emerald Green Kacheek - Micah
Emerald Green Kau - Micah
Emerald Green Yurble - Micah
Honeydew Green Kau - Micah
Honeydew Green Shoyru - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Acara - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Aisha - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Bruce - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Buzz - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Draik - Star
Mall Goth Pink Elephante - Star
Mall Goth Pink Eyrie - Star
Mall Goth Pink Gelert - Star
Mall Goth Pink Ginko - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Hissi - Star
Mall Goth Pink Jubjub - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Kacheek - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Kiko - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Korbat - Doki
Mall Goth Pink Krawk - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Kyrii - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Lenny - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Lulamu - Star
Mall Goth Pink Moehog - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Motere - Star
Mall Goth Pink Mynci - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Nimmo - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Ogrin - Star
Mall Goth Pink Peophin - Star
Mall Goth Pink Ruki - Star
Mall Goth Pink Scorchio - Star
Mall Goth Pink Skeith - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Soreen - Star
Mall Goth Pink Tatsu - Star
Mall Goth Pink Techo - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Tonu - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Uni - Star
Mall Goth Pink Usul - Star
Mall Goth Pink Vandagyre - Star
Nautilus White Buzz - Star
Nautilus White Elephante - Star
Nautilus White Korbat - Doki
Nautilus White Mynci - Star
Nautilus White Ruki - Star
Nautilus White Techo - Star
Olive Green Kau - Micah
Oxide Brown Korbat - Doki
Rose Red Kau - Micah
Ruby Red Gnorbu - Star
Ruby Red Kacheek - Micah
Ruby Red Kau - Micah
Ruby Red Yurble - Micah
Sakura Pink Korbat - Doki
Salmon Orange Acara - Micah
Salmon Orange Bruce - Micah
Salmon Orange Buzz - Micah
Salmon Orange Cybunny - Micah
Salmon Orange Draik - Micah
Salmon Orange Elephante - Star
Salmon Orange Kacheek - Micah
Salmon Orange Kau - Micah
Salmon Orange Koi - Star
Salmon Orange Korbat - Doki
Salmon Orange Kyrii - Star
Salmon Orange Lenny - Micah
Salmon Orange Lulamu - Micah
Salmon Orange Lupe - Star
Salmon Orange Mynci - Micah
Salmon Orange Nimmo - Star
Salmon Orange Ruki - Star
Salmon Orange Tatsu - Star
Salmon Orange Techo - Star
Sapphire Blue Gnorbu - Star
Sapphire Blue Kacheek - Micah
Sapphire Blue Kau - Micah
Sapphire Blue Yurble - Micah
Seafoam Blue Kau - Micah
Slate Blue Gnorbu - Star
Slate Blue Kacheek - Micah
Slate Blue Kau - Micah
Slate Blue Yurble - Micah
Soil Brown Acara - Micah
Soil Brown Blumaroo - Doki
Soil Brown Chomby - Doki
Soil Brown Elephante - Doki
Soil Brown Eyrie - Micah
Soil Brown Gelert - Doki
Soil Brown Ginko - Micah
Soil Brown Jetsam - Micah
Soil Brown Jubjub - Micah
Soil Brown Kacheek - Micah
Soil Brown Kau - Doki
Soil Brown Kiko - Micah
Soil Brown Koi - Doki
Soil Brown Korbat - Doki
Soil Brown Krawk - Micah
Soil Brown Kyrii - Doki
Soil Brown Lenny - Micah
Soil Brown Lulamu - Doki
Soil Brown Lupe - Doki
Soil Brown Meerca - Micah
Soil Brown Moehog - Micah
Soil Brown Mynci - Micah
Soil Brown Nimmo - Micah
Soil Brown Poogle - Micah
Soil Brown Ruki - Doki
Soil Brown Skeith - Micah
Soil Brown Techo - Doki
Soil Brown Tonu - Micah
Soil Brown Tuskaninny - Micah
Soil Brown Wocky - Micah
Soil Brown Yumack - Doki
Soil Brown Zafara - Micah
Sunset Red Kau - Micah
Topaz Yellow Gnorbu - Star
Topaz Yellow Kacheek - Micah
Topaz Yellow Kau - Micah
Topaz Yellow Yurble - Micah
Wasp Yellow Korbat - Doki

30th June - Pride Month Alternative Colours - Batch One!

New Colours

The cogs have been turning in the background as we get things back up and running, and we have 9 New Alternative Colours for you all to enjoy! This is the first batch - with more coming out on the 15th!

Due to this taking a bit longer this time around, we've extended the free alternatives for July as well!

Here are the new alternatives and their colour counterparts:

Brown Dirego - (Oxide)Brown Tonu - (Oxide)Brown Kohmo - (Oxide)
Oxide Brown

Brown Uni - (Soil)Brown Tatsu - (Soil)Brown Draik - (Soil)
Soil Brown

Orange Uni - (Salmon)Orange Kiko - (Salmon)Orange Shoyru - (Salmon)
Salmon Orange

Orange Poogle - (Dawn)Orange Flotsam - (Dawn)Orange Kitzen - (Dawn)
Dawn Orange

Pink Shoyru - (Mall)Pink Yurble - (Mall)Pink Kougra - (Mall)
Mall Goth Pink

Pink Kitzen - (Sakura)Pink Quiggle - (Sakura)Pink Dirego - (Sakura)
Sakura Pink

Purple Tuskaninny - (Dusk)Purple Flotsam - (Dusk)Purple Xweetok - (Dusk)
Dusk Purple

White Meerca - (Nautilus)White Zafara - (Nautilus)White Bruce - (Nautilus)
Nautilus White

Yellow Tuskaninny - (Wasp)Yellow Soreen - (Wasp)Yellow Ruki - (Wasp)
Wasp Yellow

(If we listed all the individual alts here there would be hundreds of images!)
We hope you enjoy them!!

Alongside this update you may notice that the Yumack and Elephante released are different!
The Yumack base has been changed due to the OG artists request and was remade by DairyDearie.
The Elephante base needed a bit of a glowup and makeover which was done by Doki.
Hope you enjoy the changes :)

Thank you to all the amazing and talented artists which helped make this update possible:

Oxide Brown Dirego - Micah
Oxide Brown Tonu - Star
Oxide Brown Kohmo - Micah
Oxide Brown Jetsam - Micah
Oxide Brown Blumaroo - Micah
Oxide Brown Pteri - Micah
Oxide Brown Yumack - king
Oxide Brown Aisha - king
Oxide Brown Vandagyre - Star
Oxide Brown Skeith - Micah
Oxide Brown Usul - Star
Oxide Brown Uni - Star
Oxide Brown Motere - Star
Oxide Brown Wocky - Micah
Oxide Brown Krawk - Star
Oxide Brown Kau - Star
Oxide Brown Bori - Star
Soil Brown Vandagyre - Star
Soil Brown Usul - Star
Soil Brown Uni - Star
Soil Brown Tatsu - Star
Soil Brown Draik - Star
Soil Brown Ixi - Star
Soil Brown Motere - Star
Oxide Brown Draik - Star
Oxide Brown Techo - Star
Soil Brown Bori - Star
Soil Brown Scorchio - Micah
Soil Brown Soreen - Micah
Soil Brown Quiggle - Micah
Soil Brown Shoyru - Micah
Soil Brown Grundo - Micah
Soil Brown Gnorbu - Micah
Soil Brown Flotsam - Micah
Soil Brown Peophin - Micah
Soil Brown Grarrl - Micah
Soil Brown Pteri - Micah
Soil Brown Kougra - king
Oxide Brown Kiko - Micah
Oxide Brown Nimmo - Star
Oxide Brown Zafara - Micah
Oxide Brown Ginko - Star
Oxide Brown Lupe - Star
Oxide Brown Ogrin - Star
Oxide Brown Elephante - Star
Oxide Brown Scorchio - Star
Oxide Brown Kitzen - Micah
Oxide Brown Meerca - Micah
Oxide Brown Gelert - Star
Oxide Brown Jubjub - Star
Oxide Brown Kyrii - Star
Soil Brown Ogrin - Star
Oxide Brown Lenny - Micah
Oxide Brown Flotsam - Micah
Oxide Brown Quiggle - Micah
Oxide Brown Kacheek - king
Soil Brown Buzz - king
Soil Brown Bruce - king
Soil Brown Aisha - king
Oxide Brown Yurble - king
Oxide Brown Xweetok - king
Oxide Brown Poogle - Micah
Oxide Brown Tuskaninny - king
Soil Brown Hissi - king
Oxide Brown Tatsu - king
Oxide Brown Soreen - king
Oxide Brown Kougra - king
Oxide Brown Lutari - king
Oxide Brown Skritter - king
Soil Brown Skritter - Micah
Oxide Brown Peophin - king
Oxide Brown Ixi - king
Soil Brown Cybunny - king
Oxide Brown Hissi - king
Oxide Brown Grundo - king
Oxide Brown Shoyru - Micah
Oxide Brown Bruce - king
Oxide Brown Buzz - king
Oxide Brown Chomby - king
Oxide Brown Lulamu - king
Oxide Brown Acara - king
Oxide Brown Cybunny - king
Soil Brown Yurble - king
Oxide Brown Moehog - king
Oxide Brown Ruki - king
Oxide Brown Koi - king
Oxide Brown Mynci - king
Oxide Brown Eyrie - king
Soil Brown Lutari - king
Soil Brown Kohmo - king
Oxide Brown Gnorbu - king
Oxide Brown Grarrl - king
Salmon Orange Uni - Micah
Salmon Orange Kiko - Micah
Dawn Orange Quiggle - Micah
Dawn Orange Poogle - Micah
Dawn Orange Flotsam - Micah
Dawn Orange Kitzen - Micah
Dawn Orange Xweetok - Micah
Dawn Orange Tatsu - Star
Dawn Orange Soreen - Micah
Salmon Orange Shoyru - Micah
Dawn Orange Bori - Star
Salmon Orange Chomby - Micah
Dawn Orange Lenny - Micah
Dawn Orange Scorchio - Micah
Dawn Orange Kiko - Micah
Salmon Orange Meerca - Micah
Dawn Orange Wocky - Micah
Salmon Orange Hissi - Micah
Dawn Orange Chomby - Micah
Dawn Orange Blumaroo - Micah
Salmon Orange Skeith - Micah
Salmon Orange Poogle - Micah
Dawn Orange Ixi - Star
Dawn Orange Grundo - Micah
Dawn Orange Gnorbu - Micah
Dawn Orange Kau - Star
Dawn Orange Pteri - Micah
Dawn Orange Draik - Star
Dawn Orange Kougra - Star
Dawn Orange Lutari - Star
Dawn Orange Motere - Star
Dawn Orange Ogrin - Star
Dawn Orange Vandagyre - Star
Dawn Orange Usul - Star
Salmon Orange Grarrl - Micah
Salmon Orange Grundo - Micah
Dawn Orange Jetsam - Micah
Salmon Orange Zafara - Micah
Dawn Orange Cybunny - Star
Dawn Orange Meerca - Micah
Dawn Orange Shoyru - Micah
Dawn Orange Yurble - Micah
Dawn Orange Aisha - Micah
Dawn Orange Zafara - Micah
Salmon Orange Peophin - Micah
Salmon Orange Kohmo - Micah
Salmon Orange Scorchio - Micah
Dawn Orange Uni - Star
Salmon Orange Soreen - Micah
Salmon Orange Pteri - Micah
Salmon Orange Jetsam - Micah
Salmon Orange Bori - Micah
Salmon Orange Ixi - Micah
Dawn Orange Grarrl - Micah
Dawn Orange Dirego - Micah
Salmon Orange Aisha - Micah
Dawn Orange Acara - Star
Dawn Orange Eyrie - Star
Dawn Orange Elephante - Star
Dawn Orange Hissi - Star
Dawn Orange Kyrii - king
Dawn Orange Krawk - Star
Dawn Orange Tonu - Star
Dawn Orange Bruce - king
Dawn Orange Skeith - king
Dawn Orange Koi - king
Dawn Orange Ruki - Star
Dawn Orange Gelert - Star
Dawn Orange Lupe - Star
Dawn Orange Buzz - Star
Dawn Orange Peophin - Star
Salmon Orange Yumack - Star
Salmon Orange Wocky - Micah
Salmon Orange Quiggle - Micah
Salmon Orange Kitzen - Micah
Salmon Orange Flotsam - Micah
Salmon Orange Jubjub - Micah
Salmon Orange Usul - Micah
Salmon Orange Gelert - Micah
Salmon Orange Eyrie - Micah
Salmon Orange Dirego - Micah
Salmon Orange Yurble - Micah
Dawn Orange Ginko - Tea
Dawn Orange Jubjub - Micah
Dawn Orange Kohmo - Tea
Dawn Orange Lulamu - Tea
Salmon Orange Blumaroo - Star
Dawn Orange Yumack - Star
Salmon Orange Vandagyre - Star
Salmon Orange Skritter - Micah
Dawn Orange Mynci - Micah
Dawn Orange Kacheek - Micah
Salmon Orange Ogrin - Star
Salmon Orange Motere - Star
Dawn Orange Chia - Micah
Salmon Orange Chia - Micah
Dawn Orange Nimmo - Micah
Dawn Orange Skritter - Micah
Dawn Orange Techo - king
Salmon Orange Tonu - Star
Salmon Orange Krawk - Star
Salmon Orange Gnorbu - Star
Salmon Orange Kougra - Star
Salmon Orange Lutari - Star
Sakura Pink Buzz - king
Sakura Pink Mynci - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Shoyru - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Yurble - Micah
Sakura Pink Kitzen - Micah
Sakura Pink Quiggle - Micah
Sakura Pink Dirego - Micah
Sakura Pink Bruce - king
Mall Goth Pink Kougra - Tea
Sakura Pink Jetsam - Micah
Sakura Pink Cybunny - king
Sakura Pink Moehog - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Lutari - Tea
Sakura Pink Scorchio - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Tuskaninny - Tea
Mall Goth Pink Cybunny - Tea
Mall Goth Pink Wocky - Tea
Mall Goth Pink Xweetok - Tea
Mall Goth Pink Kougra - Tea
Sakura Pink Nimmo - Micah
Sakura Pink Kyrii - Star
Sakura Pink Lenny - Micah
Sakura Pink Draik - Star
Sakura Pink Yumack - king
Sakura Pink Grarrl - king
Sakura Pink Koi - king
Sakura Pink Zafara - Micah
Sakura Pink Yurble - Micah
Sakura Pink Wocky - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Skritter - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Chia - Micah
Sakura Pink Skritter - king
Sakura Pink Techo - Star
Sakura Pink Skeith - Star
Sakura Pink Motere - Star
Sakura Pink Acara - Star
Sakura Pink Ogrin - Star
Sakura Pink Tatsu - Star
Sakura Pink Uni - Star
Sakura Pink Usul - Star
Sakura Pink Vandagyre - Star
Sakura Pink Ruki - Star
Sakura Pink Gelert - Star
Sakura Pink Grundo - Star
Sakura Pink Xweetok - king
Sakura Pink Lupe - Star
Sakura Pink Blumaroo - Star
Mall Goth Pink Quiggle - Micah
Sakura Pink Tuskaninny - Tea
Mall Goth Pink Kohmo - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Ixi - Micah
Sakura Pink Elephante - Star
Mall Goth Pink Bori - Micah
Sakura Pink Krawk - Star
Sakura Pink Kougra - Star
Sakura Pink Meerca - Micah
Sakura Pink Peophin - Star
Sakura Pink Tonu - Star
Sakura Pink Soreen - Star
Mall Goth Pink Grarrl - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Zafara - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Meerca - Micah
Sakura Pink Kau - Star
Mall Goth Pink Jetsam - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Blumaroo - Micah
Sakura Pink Kohmo - king
Sakura Pink Poogle - Micah
Sakura Pink Bori - Star
Sakura Pink Flotsam - Micah
Sakura Pink Aisha - Micah
Sakura Pink Chomby - Micah
Sakura Pink Shoyru - Micah
Sakura Pink Chia - Micah
Sakura Pink Lutari - Star
Sakura Pink Hissi - king
Sakura Pink Ixi - Star
Sakura Pink Eyrie - Tea
Sakura Pink Lulamu - Tea
Sakura Pink Pteri - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Poogle - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Kitzen - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Flotsam - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Dirego - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Chomby - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Grundo - Micah
Mall Goth Pink Pteri - Micah
Sakura Pink Ginko - Tea
Dusk Purple Tuskaninny - Tea
Dusk Purple Flotsam - Micah
Dusk Purple Xweetok - Micah
Dusk Purple Chia - Micah
Dusk Purple Wocky - Micah
Dusk Purple Kitzen - Micah
Dusk Purple Yurble - Micah
Dusk Purple Shoyru - Micah
Dusk Purple Quiggle - Micah
Dusk Purple Lulamu - Tea
Dusk Purple Eyrie - Tea
Dusk Purple Aisha - Micah
Dusk Purple Ginko - Tea
Dusk Purple Mynci - Micah
Dusk Purple Bruce - king
Dusk Purple Kacheek - Micah
Dusk Purple Hissi - king
Dusk Purple Chomby - Micah
Dusk Purple Kiko - king
Dusk Purple Kougra - king
Dusk Purple Koi - king
Dusk Purple Nimmo - Micah
Dusk Purple Poogle - Micah
Dusk Purple Zafara - Micah
Dusk Purple Dirego - Micah
Dusk Purple Buzz - king
Dusk Purple Pteri - Micah
Dusk Purple Jetsam - Micah
Dusk Purple Soreen - Star
Dusk Purple Lenny - Micah
Dusk Purple Tonu - Star
Dusk Purple Yumack - Star
Dusk Purple Vandagyre - Star
Dusk Purple Usul - Star
Dusk Purple Uni - Star
Dusk Purple Tatsu - Star
Dusk Purple Ogrin - Star
Dusk Purple Motere - Star
Dusk Purple Lutari - Star
Dusk Purple Kau - Star
Dusk Purple Ixi - Star
Dusk Purple Draik - Star
Dusk Purple Cybunny - Star
Dusk Purple Gnorbu - Star
Dusk Purple Bori - Star
Dusk Purple Skeith - king
Dusk Purple Peophin - Micah
Dusk Purple Kohmo - Star
Dusk Purple Krawk - Star
Dusk Purple Elephante - Star
Dusk Purple Meerca - Micah
Dusk Purple Grundo - Micah
Dusk Purple Blumaroo - Micah
Dusk Purple Skritter - king
Dusk Purple Grarrl - Micah
Dusk Purple Scorchio - Micah
Dusk Purple Kyrii - king
Mall Goth Starry Skritter - Micah
Nautilus White Grarrl - Micah
Nautilus White Wocky - Micah
Nautilus White Chomby - Micah
Nautilus White Aisha - Micah
Nautilus White Poogle - Micah
Nautilus White Acara - king
Nautilus White Flotsam - king
Nautilus White Vandagyre - Star
Nautilus White Gnorbu - Star
Nautilus White Lenny - king
Nautilus White Pteri - king
Nautilus White Draik - king
Nautilus White Kiko - king
Nautilus White Meerca - king
Nautilus White Zafara - king
Nautilus White Bruce - Micah
Nautilus White Chia - Micah
Nautilus White Jubjub - Micah
Nautilus White Scorchio - Micah
Nautilus White Jetsam - king
Nautilus White Uni - Star
Nautilus White Lutari - king
Nautilus White Kyrii - king
Nautilus White Lupe - king
Nautilus White Xweetok - king
Nautilus White Usul - king
Nautilus White Eyrie - king
Nautilus White Skeith - king
Nautilus White Koi - king
Nautilus White Kacheek - king
Nautilus White Gelert - king
Nautilus White Krawk - king
Nautilus White Nimmo - king
Nautilus White Moehog - king
Nautilus White Tonu - Star
Nautilus White Ginko - king
Nautilus White Dirego - Micah
Nautilus White Kougra - Star
Nautilus White Blumaroo - Micah
Nautilus White Skritter - Micah
Nautilus White Grundo - Micah
Nautilus White Quiggle - Micah
Nautilus White Tuskaninny - Micah
Nautilus White Peophin - Micah
Nautilus White Shoyru - Micah
Nautilus White Ixi - Micah
Nautilus White Soreen - Micah
Nautilus White Hissi - Star
Nautilus White Cybunny - Star
Nautilus White Bori - Star
Nautilus White Kitzen - Star
Nautilus White Kau - Star
Nautilus White Yurble - Micah
Nautilus White Ogrin - Star
Nautilus White Yumack - Star
Nautilus White Kohmo - Star
Nautilus White Lulamu - Star
Nautilus White Tatsu - Star
Nautilus White Motere - Star
Wasp Yellow Aisha - king
Wasp Yellow Nimmo - king
Wasp Yellow Shoyru - Micah
Wasp Yellow Chomby - king
Wasp Yellow Jetsam - Micah
Wasp Yellow Krawk - Star
Wasp Yellow Ogrin - Star
Wasp Yellow Bruce - king
Wasp Yellow Poogle - Micah
Wasp Yellow Blumaroo - Micah
Wasp Yellow Wocky - Micah
Wasp Yellow Hissi - Star
Wasp Yellow Kau - Star
Wasp Yellow Cybunny - king
Wasp Yellow Draik - Star
Wasp Yellow Bori - Star
Wasp Yellow Yurble - king
Wasp Yellow Xweetok - king
Wasp Yellow Eyrie - king
Wasp Yellow Tatsu - king
Wasp Yellow Peophin - king
Wasp Yellow Lutari - king
Wasp Yellow Kougra - king
Wasp Yellow Kohmo - king
Wasp Yellow Kacheek - king
Wasp Yellow Acara - king
Wasp Yellow Ixi - king
Wasp Yellow Grundo - king
Wasp Yellow Gnorbu - king
Wasp Yellow Gelert - king
Wasp Yellow Motere - Star
Wasp Yellow Lupe - king
Wasp Yellow Dirego - Micah
Wasp Yellow Skeith - king
Wasp Yellow Uni - king
Wasp Yellow Usul - king
Wasp Yellow Vandagyre - king
Wasp Yellow Mynci - king
Wasp Yellow Skritter - king
Wasp Yellow Tuskaninny - king
Wasp Yellow Soreen - king
Wasp Yellow Ruki - king
Wasp Yellow Flotsam - Micah
Wasp Yellow Grarrl - king
Wasp Yellow Buzz - king
Wasp Yellow Kitzen - Micah
Wasp Yellow Quiggle - Micah
Wasp Yellow Jubjub - Micah
Wasp Yellow Moehog - king
Wasp Yellow Koi - king
Wasp Yellow Scorchio - king
Wasp Yellow Lenny - Micah
Wasp Yellow Kiko - Micah
Wasp Yellow Chia - Micah
Wasp Yellow Meerca - Micah
Wasp Yellow Yumack - king
Wasp Yellow Tonu - king
Wasp Yellow Techo - king
Wasp Yellow Pteri - king
Wasp Yellow Elephante - king
Wasp Yellow Kyrii - king
Wasp Yellow Lulamu - king
Wasp Yellow Ginko - king
Wasp Yellow Zafara - Micah

15th June - The Aurora Express

New Feature

Strolling through the streets of Neopia Central, you hear a faint chugging noise above you. Curious about the sound, you look up and see a colorful trail in the sky. How odd.

The Aurora Express has arrived in Neopia! During holidays and special events, the train will stockpile gifts for Neopians to collect instead of sending them to the Money Tree. It will even drop gifts randomly to Neopians throughout the event's duration. However, there is a cap of 500 items at a time in the Express. If this cap is reached, no more items will be added on the hour to prevent an overflow of event items and capsules.

That's right - no more using up your money tree grabs on event items and having to decide from users generous donations or the event items. You can have the best of both worlds now! Even once you've hit your cap you'll still have a slow trickle of event items raining down from the sky!

If you wish to find the Aurora Express you can see it flying/hovering around Terror Mountain in the explore page, or find a quick link in pet central in the Dailies tab next to Money Tree and Rubbish Dump.

Random Event Image - Skye
Aurora Express Explore Art - Star
Aurora Express Page Art / Claimed Gift Art / Error Art - Star

19th May - The king of all petpets is sleeping...

New Feature

The king of all petpets arrives in Moderneopia -- slumbering all day. There is however one hour a day that he can be woken. If he's in a good mood he will grant you anything from items to map pieces and if you're lucky -- a petpet paint brush!!

Petpet Laboratory Map 2Retrowave Petpet Paint BrushPoets Hat

If you wake him on the wrong side of the bed however... he may just try to eat your petpet! Don't worry though, he tends to burp them back out!

The Turmaculus times won't match Retail however here's a brief description on how the times cycle to help you lovely Neopians figure out the timings better once you start getting the turmac rolling;

Every day the next time will be set to either 5 or 6 hours ahead of the 12 hour format of the current time.
Say the Turmaculus was awake today at 3 pm (15:00) - the next day he could be awake at either:

- 8 am/pm
- 9 am/pm

Hope that helps you nudge the king awake and claim your rewards!

14th May - Tomb Conservation & Health Update

Updated Feature

Tomb Conservation & Upcoming Daily Change

The Geraptiku Tomb has been closed from the public to conserve its history - which means no more plundering it for loot. Don't worry though, we have a new daily in progress with new rewards tied to our lovely Skitter friends coming soon!

For more information on why we're replacing this daily, please check up on what our consultants had to say here!

On another note, Hazer is still recovering with wrists but is on the up bend, things will still be slow for a while but we're getting back into the swing of things slowly but surely! Thank you all for your extended patience and hope you continue to have a lovely time here. <3

I do want to apologize for the silence, being unable to do most things I enjoy (or most things in general) has led me into a very bad depressive state in which I've spent most of my time just avoiding everything. Hopefully will be getting over that soon!

13th February - Love is in the air!


💖 Happy Valentines Day! 💖

It is the day of celebrating love and connection - and we here at Moderneopets are no different. You have all been amazing and we always like spoiling you for it - today is no exception! As well as some gifts and chocolates we have a bunch of goodies in store for you this year!

If you click the button in the sidebar you will be given a bunch of valentines gifts to enjoy.

Event Gifts

They're back! Little floating gifts will appear around site and you can win some lovely goodies, from capsules to chocolate and even the rare chance at nabbing yourself a One Use Chocification Zappermajig!

Capsules back in action

Admin is back at it again this year donating more capsules to the tree for you to collect! Each hour on the hour you will have the chance to snag lots of capsules from the money tree.

Not feeling the love yet? Just wait for it...

The love in the air has gotten so powerful that Neopets all across the globe have started to be affected by it! This loving fever has filled the world of Neopia with hearts and happiness, and it seems to have only just gotten started.

Valentine Paint Brush

Three more pets have been hit with Valentine fever! Grab yourself a Valentine Paint Brush or get lucky with some flasks/zaps to get your own today!

Neglected Releases...

There are a few pet colours that have sat in the art panel unreleased and we can't have that!
Normally we release them on new years but I wanted to make sure these ones were releasable given my mistake last time!
I stg if I missed any that should've been removed please hit me over the head with an anvil.
Time to take a deep breathe in as I show you all the newcomers...

Biscuit Kitzen Brown Chia Camouflage Kitzen Camouflage Motere Camouflage Quiggle Camouflage Jetsam Camouflage Lutari Camouflage Hissi Checkered Moehog Checkered Eyrie Cream Moehog Cream Tuskaninny Cream Quiggle Cream Chia Disco Kitzen Eventide Cybunny Faerie Kitzen Glowing Kitzen Gold Pteri Gold Lutari Iridescent Ruki Iridescent Ginko Iridescent Wocky Iridescent Chomby Iridescent Kyrii Iridescent Lutari Jelly Skeith Maraquan Jetsam Orange Tuskaninny Orange Moehog Pastel Tuskaninny Pink Gnorbu Plushie Kitzen Plushie Lutari Polkadot Ruki Polkadot Kau Polkadot Korbat Polkadot Kougra Polkadot Uni Retrowave Grundo Retrowave Yurble Shadow Chia Silver Pteri Silver Lutari Sketch Motere Sketch Kitzen Skunk Kitzen Skunk Blumaroo Skunk Nimmo Speckled Eyrie Split Kohmo Split Kau Split Moehog Split Dirego Spotted Lutari Starry Kitzen Strawberry Ixi Strawberry Korbat Strawberry Cybunny Striped Moehog Swamp-gas Motere Tyrannian Vandagyre Woodland Grundo Woodland Usul Woodland Kau Zombie Kacheek

*breathes out heavily* Phew...

Reimagined Pets!

Some pets have gotten rid of their text disclaimers and jumped out behind the curtain to reveal their brand new (or in some cases partially edited) look! Those of you who own these pets will find a NeoMail showing the pets of yours that have changed, their new look and the goodies you've gotten in return!

Pastel NimmoSnow KyriiGrey ElephantePastel FlotsamPolkadot Bruce - (Pastel)Polkadot Koi - (Pastel)Polkadot Lenny - (Pastel)Pastel Ginko - (Colourful)Spotted Draik - (Piebald)

Please note you may need to clear your browser cache to see these changes!

Mutant Buzz - (Blight)
The Buzz that Hazer Forgot...

So this little tricky guy was left out of the release notes on an update a while ago.
I meant to notify people of him and forgot time and time again. This poor lil guy/fly won't get left out any longer!
Check out this awesome friend that splendidland made for us!

Biscuit Kitzen - DairyDearie
Brown Chia - QingFey
Camouflage Kitzen - DairyDearie
Camouflage Motere - Star
Camouflage Quiggle - kangaloon
Camouflage Jetsam - Star
Camouflage Lutari - king
Camouflage Hissi - kangaloon
Checkered Moehog - snailfever
Checkered Eyrie - QingFey
Cream Moehog - QingFey
Cream Tuskaninny - Tea
Cream Quiggle - Micah
Cream Chia - QingFey
Disco Kitzen - DairyDearie
Eventide Cybunny - Tea and Skye
Faerie Kitzen - Photochrome
Glowing Kitzen - Skye
Gold Pteri - Star
Gold Lutari - Star
Iridescent Ruki - Doki
Iridescent Ginko - Lily
Iridescent Wocky - Lily
Iridescent Chomby - Skye
Iridescent Kyrii - Lily
Iridescent Lutari - Skye
Jelly Skeith - Lily
Maraquan Jetsam - noonday
Orange Tuskaninny - Micah
Orange Moehog - QingFey
Pastel Tuskaninny - Tea
Pink Gnorbu - Micah
Plushie Kitzen - DairyDearie
Plushie Lutari - Star
Polkadot Ruki - Doki
Polkadot Kau - kangaloon
Polkadot Korbat - Sylveon
Polkadot Kougra - Sylveon
Polkadot Uni - kangaloon
Retrowave Grundo - Deebs
Retrowave Yurble - Photochrome
Shadow Chia - QingFey
Silver Pteri - Star
Silver Lutari - Star
Sketch Motere - Star
Sketch Kitzen - DairyDearie
Skunk Kitzen - DairyDearie
Skunk Blumaroo - kangaloon
Skunk Nimmo - kangaloon
Speckled Eyrie - QingFey
Split Kohmo - Pleb
Split Kau - kangaloon
Split Moehog - QingFey
Split Dirego - Pleb
Spotted Lutari - kangaloon
Starry Kitzen - Star
Strawberry Ixi - Lily
Strawberry Korbat - snailfever
Strawberry Cybunny - Sylveon
Striped Moehog - QingFey
Swamp gas Motere - Star and king
Tyrannian Vandagyre - Deebs
Valentine Chia - DairyDearie
Valentine Lupe - DairyDearie
Valentine Kohmo - Tea
Woodland Grundo - noonday and the_seventh_circle
Woodland Usul - Star
Woodland Kau - Star
Zombie Kacheek - HeyChikinan
Natural camouflage tuskaninny - DairyDearie
Natural camouflage lupe - kangaloon
Natural camouflage techo - kangaloon
Natural camouflage kau - DairyDearie
Albino cream tuskaninny - Tea
Leucistic cream tuskaninny - Tea
Inverted pastel mynci - Skye
Classic pastel usul - vulli
Colourful pastel wocky - Sylveon
Colourful pastel ruki - Skye
Pastel polkadot uni - kangaloon
Pastel polkadot korbat - Sylveon
Pastel polkadot kougra - Sylveon
Pastel retrowave kau - DairyDearie
Piebald spotted hissi - noonday
Piebald spotted kitzen - Doki
Mystical swamp gas motere - Star and king

Pastel Nimmo - Doki
Snow Kyrii - Star
Grey Elephante - Doki and DairyDearie
Pastel Flotsam - DairyDearie
Pastel Polkadot Bruce - DairyDearie
Pastel Polkadot Koi - Star
Pastel Polkadot Lenny - Star
Colourful Pastel Ginko - Tea
Piebald Spotted Draik - Doki

Thanks again to all the wonderful artists that make these updates possible!

25th December - Happy Holidays!

New Colours

Happy Holidays!

Fyora's Festive Faerie Discount
T'is the season for generosity and ... shopping for fun things!
Because of this, Fyora is giving every neopian full view of her stock today.
If that's not good enough, she's even thrown in a MASSIVE 60% discount.
You can even stack your coupon on top for yet another 10% discount!!

Hope you have a lovely day today and enjoy yourself to the fullest - we have some more treats for you to enjoy though before you go...

Want some Treats?!

Got a sweet tooth? We have you covered with all sorts of delicious treats! Enjoy these Chocolates, Biscuits (Gingerbread or otherwise) and Mints!

Biscuit IxiChocolate WockyMint BlumarooMint KitzenMint KorbatGingerbread AcaraGingerbread KitzenGingerbread KauGingerbread ChiaGingerbread Chia - (Chocolate)Gingerbread Kau - (Chocolate)Gingerbread Kitzen - (Chocolate)Gingerbread Acara - (Chocolate)

How about some Toys?

This time of year is ripe for toys and playthings to occupy your minds and entertain you to the fullest.
Or just watching your Neopet rip them open and play with them for house on end...
But what if your Neopet... became... the toy? Here's a selection of Plushies/Toys for you to enjoy!

Msp UsulPlushie YumackToy HissiToy LennyToy MotereToy UniToy BlumarooToy Bruce

Still not in the spirit?
Maybe these spirited or just out right cold pets will change your mind!

Christmas SkritterChristmas DiregoChristmas GrarrlChristmas YumackChristmas ChombyIce KacheekIce MotereSnow Kyrii

Health Update and a Thank You!

Thanks for sticking with us despite our issues near the end of the year -- and we hope you're all having a wonderful time!
A quick update on my health situation: I got in a cancellation appointment for Carpal Tunnel surgery.
I could only have one hand at a time done instead of both like I wanted too originally, but one has been snipped at and is healing!
Seeing them on the 15th to talk about the other hand and hopefully get that booked in soon too.
I look forward to being able to start working on Moderneopets again for you all soon, and thank you again for your patience!

Thank you everyone who helped push this update forward! These presents appear to be tagged!

Biscuit Ixi - Lily
Chocolate Wocky - andrea
Christmas Skritter - DairyDearie
Christmas Dirego - DairyDearie
Christmas Grarrl - DairyDearie
Christmas Yumack - Blake
Christmas Chomby - DairyDearie
Gingerbread Acara - Basil
Gingerbread Kitzen - DairyDearie
Gingerbread Kau - DairyDearie
Gingerbread Chia - DairyDearie
Ice Kacheek - velvetwormheptagon
Ice Motere - Star
Mint Blumaroo - Lazlo
Mint Kitzen - Lazlo
Mint Korbat - Tea
Msp Usul - Basil
Plushie Yumack - HeyChikinan
Snow Kyrii - andrea
Toy Hissi - noonday
Toy Lenny - noonday
Toy Motere - Star
Toy Uni - noonday
Toy Blumaroo - noonday
Toy Bruce - Star
Chocolate Gingerbread Chia - DairyDearie
Chocolate Gingerbread Kau - DairyDearie
Chocolate Gingerbread Kitzen - DairyDearie
Chocolate Gingerbread Acara - Basil

1st December - The Month of Celebration Arrives!


The Month of Celebration Arrives!

The wind is chilly, the gifts are flowing - that must mean one thing... The arrival of the month of celebration!
You can hop on over to the Advent Calandar each day of this month to receive some amazing goodies!

Wintery events will now crop up no matter where you are on Neopia -- you cannot escape the wind chill this month!
You might be lucky and get a Paint Brush or some treasure... or you may be pelted with some snowballs or get frostbite...

On the 15th until the 1st of January Ginger will start giving out event gifts randomly and Admin will start donating capsules and other treats to the Money Tree each hour, so look forward to that and a festive colour drop near the end of the month!

24th November - Staff List, Contributions Pages, Robots & More!

New Feature

This update contains some of the most requested features recently, as well as some bonus amazing pets and petpets for you all to enjoy! Lets dive on in shall we?

Staff List

You can now see a list of the staff/contributor team here which includes moderators, artists, consultants and more!
We will try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, so it'll be easier for you to know who to contact when needed.
For those who have contributed assets to Moderneopets, there will also be a link to their...

Contributions Page

These pages will list the colours, alternative colours and items that a user has contributed to the site. It will also mark any collaborations and pets/alts that will be undergoing changes in the future. Please note this page is still a work in progress and will have more features added to it soon (such as marking items that are being replaced, listing other assets contributed such as shopkeepers/maps/etc and performance improvements!)

Do you want to share some love towards those who help MN make it what it is?
For any artist who has supplied their donation links to us, you will see direct links to their kofi/paypal/gofundme!
More donation mediums may be added later on artist request, and if you're a contributor (past or present) that hasn't provided that information yet and want too, simply go here and submit your information and we'll get to it ASAP!

Don't have the funds to show some love? Well love can be shown in many ways -- you can also easily NeoMail the contributors through their contributions page to brighten their day, I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

Want to see a list of everyone who has put their piece of the pie into Moderneopets? here is a full list of past and present contributors (from pets/alts and item credits being detected, we will expand that scope soon as mentioned previously.)

Additional Credits!

As we're working on improving our crediting system and giving credit where it's properly due, we have also added in colour-specific credits that you can find listed in the appropriate page in the Rainbow Pool. For example: a much needed and delayed credit to user shadybug for their hand in defining how we handle Maractite, as well as some of the artists who helped conceptualize some of our other colours! (Sorry about how long it took to get the ball rolling on this, and thank you for those who reminded us!)


Robot DiregoRobot LulamuRobot QuiggleRobot Motere

It seems like splendidland has created some amazing robotic helpers that you can now acquire through the Lab Ray or the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig! These amazingly talented robots can help you harness the power of the sun, protect yourself from the freights of Neopia, dig into the magmatic grounds in hopes for treasure and more!

We are in no way responsible for any sudden attempts at world domination from the robots supplied.


These little friends (not food!) seemed to slip through the cracks in our last update.
Sneaking their way into the petpet shops when they weren't supposed too -- before their physical form even materialized!
Don't worry though, thanks to our robot helpers above we fixed the glitch in the system and now you can get your very own (fully alive and totally not a fragment of your imagination) Grobleen!

Red GrobleenOrange GrobleenYellow GrobleenBrown GrobleenWhite GrobleenCream GrobleenLeucistic GrobleenAlbino GrobleenChocolate Grobleen

They even come in a multitude of different colours... including Chocolate. You know earlier when I said they're friends and not food? I'm starting to have second thoughts....

Thank you to Basil and Doki for these little fellas and Eldritch for the idea!

16th November - Lack of Transparency / Organisation in Management

General News

Hello Neopians!

This announcement is to address the recent situation that you may or may not be aware of.
So first and foremost, in terms of transparency since this has become a public matter and caused a lot of concerns, I will be giving a rough breakdown of the situation for those who are aware.

On the 10th of November around 00:50 (UTC +0) two artists were removed from the artist panel. This was due to another report from some artists on being harassed and ostracized by said users, and to give a broader history we have had such reports multiple times in the past, however we failed to act in a timely manner and therefore never gave infractions to the users involved, which is one of the big issues that caused this situation.

Looking back through the conversations had in the staff threads about these incidents it is clear we had the intention of sending warnings however never took it into action - letting the issues just build up without being addressed. I learned recently from the moderation team they feel like they needed my go ahead to do anything and that is partly due to the lack of tools on-site and partly due to them either lacking appropriate permissions on the discord or myself not being clear on the procedures and steps taken and who can.
That is another failing on my part which led up to those artists not getting the proper moderation treatment that they should have had.

Given the situation that was reported most recently to us we went back and saw the previous incidents and decided that since this behaviour had been going on long enough, and that we failed to act in a timely manner previously that we should act immediately this time, preventing inaction from happening again. Instead of starting at the beginning of the infractions with a warning, due to the previous threads we decided to remove them from the artist panel permanently.

In hind-sight this was a knee-jerk reaction from us purely to prevent inaction and failings like we had before.
However for the artists that were blind-sided and hit with a kick it was definitely unfair for them, and we regret skipping the warnings.
I would like to formally apologise to Wren and Velu for skipping the standards of normal moderation.
It was a major failure in our part and one that we will be working on not repeating.

I will be doing the following to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future:

Creating a full moderation panel on the website with incident handling, records of previous infractions and the actions taken at that point.
Implementing a "point" based infraction system that is used by some major sites to dictate punishments in a more appropriate and fair manner, based on the infraction and previous history (history that was actually warned for). Making sure that mod action is swift by letting my moderators know that they don't need my go ahead as they believed before, and providing my Moderators the permissions and tools needed to enforce said rules.

What transpired after this were Tumblr posts written by both artists expressing their very valid anger and frustration about the situation. Many have read them and were, again, understandably upset. Even if it had not been intended, this resulted in my staff receiving harassment from via DM's and behaviour which has required legal action to be taken. I'm not at liberty to discuss any of the legal issues, but this demonstrates how severely things had progressed. As an owner, I want to protect my staff and users, and this is no exception. Due to this, I banned the accounts of those who I believed to be involved with the threats, which included the two artists as they (intentionally or not) facilitated that behaviour, yet again bypassing any kind of procedure we had set into place, purely for the safety and comfort of those being harassed.

Velu requested their art be taken off the site, and I agreed due to the previous failings. Wren also requested their art to be removed as they felt exploited given the situation, and I agreed. Given some of the comments I had seen, it reminded me of the clause that art would be kept in the cases that the artists are just removing them out of spite over punishment. I considered thinking of using the clause, however, given how the situation was handled and this being an exceptional circumstance, I brought it up to the artist panel themselves for them to vote on how we should proceed with the removals. I wanted this to be fully up to them as they are artists as well, they know the struggle artists go through, the work that goes into it, and they all agreed to the same clause when they joined - not to mention those remaining will have to be the ones to remake the art assets (unless you want me to draw something in MS paint with my jacked hands)

After much discussion and deliberation, we decided to fully remove all requested assets as originally intended. This is what we're working on now, and that's when I made the re-imagining feature to organize all of the assets that need to be re-done.

Another artist came to me and requested that some of their assets be removed due to not agreeing with the clause/artist rules once re-inspected and some of the negative comments that were made in the panel towards some of the parting artists. I do not condone these comments and plan to review this in more detail and talk to those involved. (I thank this artist for bringing this up to me before they left, as things have been incredibly hectic these past few days.)

When creating the announcement for the re-imagining I should have addressed the situation publicly too, but I was of the mindset that moderation action is usually not disclosed publicly on sites and it would be inappropriate. However, given the situation (our/my failing at moderation), and the removal of beloved assets, an explanation should have been given alongside that announcement. I apologize that you were left in the dark given the situation and that it cultivated an environment of fear and worry.

For transparency's sake, many artists have also stepped down due to disagreeing with how this situation was handled and fear that something like this may happen again, and that's completely understandable and we don't fault them for that at all! This situation has been stressful for everyone involved and I apologise to our artists for making them feel fear of their position or lack of trust in our actions and staff, and for those who left I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for your service on Moderneopets.

Another concern that was brought to us is the lack of a staff page where people can see the current members of staff for contacting for moderation issues or other reasons. I will be working on a staff page which lists all current staff members. For the artists I will also work on them having their own page showing all their contributions to the site and if applicable, a link to their ko-fi/patreon/other donation service so users can directly give their thanks to the artists that work on making MN a vibrant and lovely place.

On the subject of staff, we have had two moderators step down from the position for their own mental health, one being the_seventh_circle who states their stepping down here, why and some of what they have gone through during this. This is the reason I stress for people to remain civil as I get feelings are hurt but it doesn't justify putting anyone through something like that, and that applies to all involved. The other moderator to step is Kat/Katnoir who wanted to leave you guys with this:

hey guys, i'm leaving the site for a long while again. I have been a part of modern since its inception, i've been vocally against it growing too fast because of drama like we're dealing with now but i'd like to stress: i'm not leaving because of this. if anything i wish i could stay and help put this thing back together again! but the fact remains from the last time i stepped away: my mental health is now in a rough state and my physical health is suffering too. ultimately i've decided and have actually been thinking about this for 3-4 weeks that it's best i go do something with less of an impact on my health. i'm probably not going to leave the discord and my stuff is remaining for when i want to play the site again but i can't hazard a guess at how long that'll be. it's been fun guys but ultimately my health must (and has needed to for awhile) come first.

Deebs has also decided to step down from Art Director as it was more intertwined with moderation than they wanted it to be, and what we intended it to be to begin with, something which they stated they were not comfortable with to begin with. Once more systems are put in place fully separating moderation and the art director role, they may return, if they feel comfortable doing so (and once they're no longer as busy in real life as they are now, which was also one of the reasons)

I'd like to thank all staff that have stepped down for their help and I wish anyone who is suffering from stress - be it to this situation or not, to take a break from it all and focus on things that make you happy, as that is what truly matters. Anyway, before I get sidetracked back to the main topic.

Communication has been a failure and hopefully, this post will begin a healing process to remedy that. I am working on means to improve our structure and how people provide feedback and critique -- we now have a anonymous feedback form on google for you to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can improve going forward, and voice your displeasure with how things were handled without fear of being reprimanded for it. (Though I please ask you to remain civil and avoid any further harassment of staff. We are using these forms as a tool to improve and harassment will become counter-productive to your fellow users attempting to communicate their feelings and ideas.)

For those who wish to discuss the issues with other users and give public feedback we also have a discord channel called feedback-and-discussion where as long as you're being civil and not breaking any rules, you don't have to worry about being warned. (Again, as long as you follow the rules and remain respectful).

This leaves us with two moderators and still a lot of users to manage, which has been one of the ingredients to cause the issues in our infrastructure -- we grew too fast, let too many users in too quickly and outgrew our methods of managing the site. It went from a small hobby site to a frankly massive community and we failed to keep up with our tools and ways of handling issues. To prevent this from further spiraling out of control all applications have been permanently closed until further notice. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to joining but we need to get our ducks in a row before we let any more users in and give more workload to our staff.

I understand this whole situation was handled badly, and I (Hazer) take responsibility for that, I once again apologize to Wren and Velu for failing them as an admin and not following the procedures of moderation properly and failing to communicate in other ways.

One last note is that I would like to again request people be civil throughout this situation and remember that everyone is human, no one deserves to receive threats or insults. Though many of you may be upset at how this was handled and upset at me for my failings, please also keep in mind that there are people who call MN home, come back to it to de-stress from a hard day, and use it to take care of their mental health. I please ask for you to respect and not pressure people into leaving if they do not want to, thank you.

What now?

I will be working on more moderation tools, receiving and implementing feedback and insight from those who have managed large communities in the past to put into practice, as well as establishing a proper point system to abide by so that procedures cannot be skipped in the future.

I will be opening more channels of communcation and feedback both for the artists on the team and the moderators. I will also be maintaining feedback channels and forms for users as well. Alongside this, I plan to create pages for users to see/contact staff members, see their contributions if they are artists, and get the artist's efforts far more visible.

This situation has demonstrated how woefully unprepared I've been to handle such a large community and I feel taking these steps, as well as closing applications, will help me catch up and improve things significantly. All I can do in this situation is learn from my mistakes and make sure they don't happen again, it's the least I can do for everyone involved.

Given my situation with my wrists (severe carpal tunnel in both) I have an update on that. On the 15th I had a consultation with the surgeon and he has offered to perform surgery on both hands at once, which whilst it would severely restrict what I can do (for everything) for a week or two whilst I recover, it will help me get over this sooner. I have decided to take this route and I've been told his waiting times are roughly around 6 weeks or so, so hopefully that should be happening around January.

Of course given those two weeks of recovery I won't be active, but after healing I plan on diving head first back into developing for the site and finishing the aforementioned features if I haven't done so by then. So please expect a bit of an intermission or silence during January for a bit as I recover, and then expect me to come back full force afterwards (if nothing happens during the surgery or infections, etc.. I'll keep you all updated)

All in all to the users who were made to feel afraid and left in the dark, to the artists who felt like their efforts were exploited and to the moderators who had to go through harassment and mental health crisis due to the situation I am incredibly sorry for my failings, and all I can do now is work the hardest I can to improve as an administrator/owner to prevent this ever happening again.

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We need to do some improvements on our end for managing the site to the best of our capability, and we will be focusing on that, to that end we are not currently taking new users for the foreseeable future.

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