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Neopian News
23rd January - The Pirate and the Pearlescent

New Feature

A new ship has docked in New Maraqua - A pirate by the name of Grim has got his eyes set on the underwater vortex, where true treasures lie in wait, and Neopians foolish enough to readily dispose of them!

You see, Grim doesn't like gold. He doesn't like shiny things. He likes what other people dare call "fishing junk". It fuels his existence and he decided to even make Neopoints by selling that junk back to the same people stupid enough to throw it away in the first place, ingenious right?!

Golden Shells
Grims Thank You Gift

He has a hoard of treasures he has found all across Neopia, namely a bunch of Golden Shells. He gives one as a gift for each treasure he receives. How does he acquire the treasures? Well this little Motere is so quick on his feet; the moment he sees someone try to throw away or donate any "fishing junk" to the tree, he snags them up instantly, giving a shell in exchange.

There's a certain deep sea scavenger who loves all things shiny and pearlescent - she recently saw an anchor dock outside of her dwelling and upon hearing the rumours of a pirate who is throwing out golden shells to everyone; has quickly set up a new shop, aptly called "Pearl Paradise".

Along side her scavenging hobby, she has a "hobby" of taking in dull pearls and painstakingly cleaning and polishing them until brand new! She believes that everyone deserves to be accentuated by the beautiful bounty of the sea.

Her way of getting these shiny new trinkets; Well to sell off her scavenging hoards of course! She has plenty of rare and interesting things she's found on the sea floor and is ready to sell them to YOU! Not for Neopoints though - the only thing she's after is those Golden Shells the silly pirate is just throwing away.

As a little gift to people who shop there, and to get her name spread across a bit better, she is also selling her refurbished and cleaned pearl necklaces for cheap! Her dream of everyone adorning those pearls might become reality at this point!!

Thank you to all the amazing and talented artists which helped make this update possible:

Grim, Maraqua Map Changes, Random Paintbrush/Petpet Brush/Transmog Images - Star
Iris, Pearl Necklace - QingFey
Golden Shells - tomo
Expert Fishing Techniques - Deebs

22nd January - Happy Lunar New Year!


Happy Lunar New Year!

To celebrate the lunar new year we're giving away some gifts to users!

We hope you enjoy these little gifts - they're mostly just for the feel since you can restock them anyway. To make things a bit more fun for you all I'm also including this:

Shenkuu Lantern Capsule

When opened this will give you:
2 random NC Items and a Paper Lantern Staff.

Want more chances at good loot from them and upset you only got one?
Maybe you just wanted to keep one for the pretty animation...
Don't worry - Admin will be periodically donating a bunch of them to the Money Tree over the two days!


Due to it being the year of the rabbit - Admin has decided to also donate One Snowbunny an Hour to the Money Tree for the next two days!
Good luck hopping around trying to nab your new friend!

31st December - Goodbye 2022! Goodbye Backlog!

New Colours

Happy New Years! Goodbye 2022 and our Backlog!

For our new years celebration we're saying a special goodbye to 2022 - including the backlog we've amassed over the year. So look forward to a whole 122+ new colour releases! We decided to start 2023 with a clean slate and to treat you all to a massive colour drop.

We at Moderneo hope you have a wonderful new years and a better year than last.
Without further ado, lets go and list all the new colours for you to enjoy!

Pastel Acara Pastel Blumaroo Pastel Chomby Pastel Grarrl Pastel Jetsam Pastel Koi Pastel Korbat Pastel Lupe Pastel Mynci Pastel Poogle Pastel Pteri Pastel Kougra Pastel Peophin Pastel Techo Pastel Tonu
15 Pretty Pastels!

Dimensional Acara Dimensional Blumaroo Dimensional Buzz Dimensional Elephante Dimensional Grarrl Dimensional Kohmo Dimensional Koi Dimensional Motere Dimensional Mynci Dimensional Ogrin Dimensional Poogle Dimensional Pteri Dimensional Skeith Dimensional Xweetok Dimensional Lutari
15 Dimensionals!

Gold Eyrie Gold Flotsam Gold Koi Gold Kougra Gold Ogrin Gold Scorchio
6 Glistening Golds!

Silver Eyrie Silver Flotsam Silver Koi Silver Kougra Silver Ogrin Silver Scorchio
6 Shiny Silvers!

Split Gelert Split Ixi Split Korbat Split Kougra Split Ogrin Split Jetsam Split Usul Split Peophin
8 Satisfying Splits!

Iridescent Grarrl Iridescent Korbat Iridescent Lupe Iridescent Mynci
4 Glittering Iridescents!

Eventide Elephante Eventide Eyrie Eventide Hissi Eventide Kyrii
4 Lovely Eventides!

Strawberry Kougra Strawberry Kyrii Strawberry Yumack Strawberry Uni
4 Sweet Strawberries!

Camouflage CybunnyCamouflage KrawkCamouflage KyriiCamouflage Peophin
4 Camouflages (can you find them?)!

Cream Kiko Cream Mynci Cream Pteri
3 Delicious Creams!

Retrowave Chia Retrowave Pteri Retrowave Techo
3 Dancin' Retrowaves!

Striped Lutari Striped Ogrin Striped Poogle
3 Striped Friends!

White Korbat White Lutari White Ogrin
3 Wonderful Whites!

Orange Kacheek Orange Korbat Orange Kyrii
3 Delicious Oranges!
(what do you mean I CAN'T EAT THEM?! WATCH ME)

Skunk Lutari Skunk Ogrin Skunk Uni
3 Stinky Skunks...

Rainbow Lutari Rainbow Vandagyre

Maractite Lupe Maractite Ruki
Two Mysterious Statues...

Now for the stragglers...
*takes a deep breath in*

Checkered Tatsu Cloud Korbat Electric Lutari Ghost Eyrie Gingerbread Meerca Glowing Ogrin Jelly Flotsam Mint Kougra Pink Techo Pirate Motere Sketch Kougra Spotted Lupe Speckled Peophin
A... Checkered, Cloud, Electric, Ghost, Gingerbread, Glowing, Jelly, Mint, Pink, Pirate, Sketch, Spotted and Speckled group of friends too.

*gasps for air*

Oh we also have 32 new invisible pets, but there's no point in displaying them here... have fun...uh... viewing(?) them in the rainbow pool!

A massive thank you to all the artists that have contributed and continue to help, contribute and grow our site, we couldn't do it without you all and we hope you all take a nice break over new years!


25th December - Happy Holidays

New Colours

Happy Holidays!

Fyora's Festive Faerie Discount
T'is the season for generosity and ... shopping for fun things!
Because of this, Fyora is giving every neopian full view of her stock today.
If that's not good enough, she's even thrown in a MASSIVE 60% discount.
You can even stack your coupon on top for yet another 10% discount!!

Hope you have a lovely day today and enjoy yourself to the fullest - we have some more treats for you to enjoy though before you go...

Feeling peckish? Want to much some classic gingerbread with your savoury feast.
If you're not a fan of classic Gingerbread maybe you'll like their alternative - Chocolate!
This release contains 9 SUPPORTED PETS! We hope you enjoy your treats, but we're not done...

Not a fan of gingerbread or cookies in general? How about some mint chocolates!
This new colour has 7 SUPPORTED PETS to start off with, and more coming for sure!
Feeling spoiled for choice yet?

More Colours!
In the spirit of the holiday we have a bunch of mix and match releases for you.
You can find them all below - click the icon to go to their pose page!!

Speckled BlumarooSpeckled BoriSpeckled DraikSpeckled GnorbuSpeckled GrundoSpeckled JubjubSpeckled KorbatSpeckled KougraSpeckled KyriiSpeckled LutariSpeckled OgrinSpeckled WockySpeckled Zafara

Ice KikoSnow LupeIce LutariSnow Motere
Ice & Snow

Plushie OgrinChristmas GnorbuPlushie TatsuChristmas XweetokRobot Yumack
Christmas Toys!

Biscuit KyriiBiscuit Lutari
Last Few Treats...

Thank you everyone who helped push this update forward! This Christmas present was given to you by:


24th November - Thank you!

New Colours

Happy Holidays and Thanks givings!

Some of you around the world will be enjoying a Holiday named Thanksgiving today - and we've decided to join on in the fun and appreciation! Thank you all for your continued support and love for the site, and we hope you enjoy these Autumnal gifts to help lead you into the winter time!

A Thanksgiving feast wouldn't be as special without those lovely fruit and veg, and in turn we're releasing 3 Unconverted Chia Colours AND 3 Custom Chia Colours! I'm sure they're as delicious as they look! You'll be able to find the Magical Chia Pops for these through the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop if you're lucky, or be given to them by a friendly Chia through random events! We're not done with the delicious treats though, what a sad day it would be without dessert!

Jelly CybunnyJelly LutariJelly TatsuCustard JubjubCustard MotereCustard Chia - (Flan)
Dessert is served!

How delightful! Jelly and custard pets here to help hit that sweet craving after such a savoury meal! There's even Flan - a new alt colour for Custard which no doubt will see more love in the future!!

Cream GelertDesert MotereOrange Flotsam
Minor Confusion...

... It seems like some pets got confused when I said "Dessert" -- no matter; these lovely pets are here to stay and they can join in on the festivities - there's enough to go round! We have 2 new Desert pets for you to enjoy as well as a bunch of Cream and Orange additions! Seems like they got a bit confused when it comes to the names... they do sound edible enough, so I understand.

Spotted has a brand new alt for those who like a more natural, semi pigmented look for their pets! Piebald shows how many pets would look with patterns of unpigmented spots over them! There's seven to choose from straight away, with more no doubt coming in the future. Best get saving those spotted brushes! Hope you didn't throw any into the cooking pot recently...

Some pets don't seem all too keen on family gatherings and have decided to take the more stealthy approach to avoiding them. Some even have Natural camouflage variants for you to enjoy... if you can find them, that is!

Though many are celebrating family and friends, appreciation and love... there still lurks some dark energy in the shadows. The Wraith colour gets two new alternatives - Jack o' Lantern and Will o' Wisp! With a new addition of a fiery pet - the Motere - to its ranks!

Thank you everyone who helped push this update forward:

Micah, velvetwormheptagon, Deebs, Lily, QingFey, Tea, the_seventh_circle, Blake, Eish, Doki, Star and skdaffle!

8th November - Everything is better...

New Colours

Maraquan TatsuMaraquan LutariMaraquan Vandagyre

..down where it's wetter!

With the leaves on the trees changing and falling away and crisp, chilly mornings, many places are full in the swing of celebrating fall and the eventual arrival of winter...

But for some places on the globe (maybe even where you live!) summer is just beginning! As things are starting to warm up, we're brought you a trio of watery friends to make a splash and keep cool with! Stay cool and have fun!

Maraquan Paint BrushEritque Arcus

These underwater friends are the perfect companions to enjoy building sandcastles with or diving down for hidden treasures in the deep! To snag your own simply grab a Maraquan Paint Brush or an Eritque Arcus now!

Maraquan Lutari, Vandagyre and Tatsu - Deebs
Maraquan Lutari Concept/Design - Synthaphone

6th November - Sweets and Treats aren't seasonal...

New Items

..just like pets!

Do not fear! If you did not manage to finish your sweet, sweet collection of Halloween Treats during the trick or treating times, then this update is going to make your sweet tooth proud!

From now on you can find 3 different Halloween Treat pails stocking in The Neopian Gift Shop - when you open them you'll receive 2 to 3 Halloween treats! You can also wish for these pails through the Wishing Well if you're desperate to collect them all.

Gelert Halloween Treat PailMotere Halloween Treat PailRuki Halloween Treat Pail

It seems like by combining some treats in a specific way will net you a friend, and not just for the holidays either! Go to the Cooking Pot and try to figure out how to make your very own adorably sweet friend!
Halloween Treat Pails - Star
News Image - tomo

31st October - Happy Halloween!


Everyone at Moderneopets wishes you a very Happy Halloween! With it comes an extension to the Halloween event and a whole lot of goodies! So many goodies in fact - that if we tried to post about all of them in this news post it would stretch the page a bit too much for our liking. So how about going to the halloween event page instead? There you'll be able to find out about all the delights and terrors in store for you...

17th October - Grab some Neopoints and try your luck!

New Feature

Grab some Neopoints and try Your Luck!

Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?! If you do, then you're about to be overjoyed at the fact that Three new Scratchcard Kiosks have opened up throughout Neopia! For a fee you will get a card which could give you great rewards (...or junk) - all you need is to grab a coin and scratch away.

Each Kiosk has its own Neopoint Price per ticket, amount you can scratch a day (shared between them) and pool of prizes and jackpots!

Even though we're all gambling virtual currencies with no true financial worth attached, it's still worth to note that you should always be aware of your gambling and spending habits whilst playing with such features. If you ever feel like you're going overboard, if it's not fun anymore and you cannot stop, or feel like it's dragging you into bad spending habits, please visit:

This great site is full of resources and advise to help you get back on track if you ever feel like you're losing self control when it comes to spending online and gambling! Stay safe everyone and I hope you enjoy the new feature! <3

12th October - New Iridescents Descend

New Colours

Iridescent Krawk - (Amethyst)Iridescent XweetokIridescent Cybunny - (Emerald)

New Iridescents Decend!

SIX new shimmering friends descend onto Neopia for you to gawk at as they glimmer and shine! You can get these pets through the Lab Ray, Rainbow Fountain, Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water and lastly from the Iridescent Paint Brush!

Remember, these SIX pets all come with 2 alternative variations to admire as well!

Bori - Lily
Cybunny- Tea
Ixi - Lily
Korbat - Skye
Krawk - Blake
Xweetok - Lily

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