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Neopian News
23rd September - Pet Categories!

New Feature

You can now get all your Jubjubs lined up in a row (or whatever group of Neopets you may have going) with this new feature!

You can create custom categories for your Neopets, give each category its own description (that supports BBCode!) and even hide categories away for those unfinished pets that dare yet see the light of day.

The pet ordering page has been updated to support the categories, as well as the drag and drop version!
I hope you like this new little update to help further organize your pets, especially those who have hundreds of them...

13th September - Crystals and Cream

New Feature

Crystals and Cream!

Meet Major Miner, as his name suggests he is here to mine out all of the great valuable resources that Neopia's Moltaran caves have to offer. However he seems to be in a pickle, maybe you could help him out in our new temporary daily?

Something seems to be a bit off about him though... I don't believe I've seen that colouration of Neopet before. Now that I mention it... I have started to see a lot more Neopets with muted colours starting to crop up recently...

Oh... so it wasn't my imagination. How fascinating! There seems to be a Cream... uh... what is that? I haven't seen that either! What's going on?!

Well, ignoring the unusual creature for now, I see a Cream, Albino and Leucistic colouration on these Neopets. It appears that Albinism and Leucism are very common for Cream coloured Neopets, which is probably why there has been more sightings of them recently! I interviewed the Neopian responsible for this recent outbreak in Cream pets, lets see what they had to say:

Hello? Is this thing on? I apologize for taking over, but I've also got something to share with y'all! See, I was walking by the Rainbow Pool, right? I was minding my own business, enjoying the last of Summer.. but then I happened to trip, and I spilled what I was carrying right into the thing: coffee!

I don't think I did too much damage, but uh.. I do add a lot of cream to my coffee, and I think that's lead to a new color being found.. really, I've done something nice for the Rainbow Pool, so I don't think I've done anything wrong. It even looks like there's two alternates for the color too! So yeah.. I hope y'all enjoy, I guess?

Seems like I'm going around interviewing everyone today, which isn't surprising given the amount of happenings going on right now. I've talked to the miner personally and he informed me of the new menace that's plaguing our society. I think he's just a bit loopy or has lepidopterophobia because these little critters are just pure bundles of adorable love!

They're called the Motere and all they want to do is cuddle up to you and warm lights! Perhaps you can get them through luring them in with some bright glowing lamps? I heard they tend to sleep in dark warm places so it's best you check those first! I was approached by the person who first came in contact with these little balls of fluff and love, here's what they had to say!

Hey everyone I hope you enjoy these moth friends just as much as I did designing these guys for the site! I really love to imagine these tiny little creature causing trouble like the little fae creatures causing trouble with out causing harm! So I hope you give these babies a warm welcome!

Along side these two amazing releases come a bunch of items both Cream and Motere themed! A lot of artists put a lot of amazing work and effort into this update, so thank you all! We hope you enjoy this update as much as the artists worked on creating it. P.S: The miner wont have an unlimited amount of lamps to give out, it's best you talk to them daily before they run out entirely!

Cream/Albino/Leucistic - Micah
Motere - Star
Miner - Taffer
Crystal Cave Images - Star
Migration Files & Handling - Deebs

Please note if I credited each individual artist for the items and colour submissions this news post will stretch on like an enthusiastic childs wishlist to santa claus, but please note a LOT of artists had their hands in this -- to find more detailed credits please refer to the rainbow pool or the items detail page!

8th September - Let's Get Groovy!

New Colours

Let's get a groove on and start dancing to the retro beat with these three new awesome dancers and their alternative pastel colours!

Ixi - Lily
Cybunny - Tea
Kougra- Ren

21st August - Ssssurprise!

New Colours

Everyone loves a good surprise, and we're giving you one! Nine new Hissi colours and a bunch of Hissi themed items to go with them! Hoorah! All you snake lovers out there are going to enjoy this update a lot, and maybe also wish you had more pet slotsss...
Candy, Christmas, Iridescent, Jelly, Pink, Skunk, Split - Skye
Pastel - Flare
Spotted - Polymori

16th August - Getting into shape!

New Feature

Does your pet struggle to lift heavy objects? Maybe they struggle to even lift feathers... if that's the case then you should send them down to Mystery Island's Training School! Ryshu will train them to become faster, stronger and more durable than ever, and all he asks in return is for your precious codestones!

Speaking of these magic infused rocks, the training school has offered up a vault for each of their customers, in which you can store all of your codestones away. Each time you enroll a pet in a course with the school, Ryshu will attempt to take the payment from your vault instantly, and if there's not enough he'll simply ask you for the rest.

Don't worry though - Training starts immediately, regardless if you paid for it or not. Though for your pet to benefit from the course you will need to pay, eventually. There's no getting out of that one!

With this update, to help you balance out your pets stats, the Strength increase Random Event will now increase either Strength, Movement, Defence or Endurance instead of purely Strength, and has been made slightly rarer. Also, to prevent your pet from concussions and constantly having to train in their Level stat... the evil coconut Random Event has also been made rarer!

Now that the training school has opened, I wonder when the Swashbuckling Academy and [REDACTED] School will open? I think it's only a matter of time...

7th August - Missing Food and Friendly Faces!

New Feature

Early this morning, a terrible ruckus was heard from the Neopian Fresh Foods. The Chia came running outside, yelling to the amazing Neopians nearby that his food was being gobbled up!

Just inside are a crowd of odd-looking neopets, happily munching on all the food in the store having just burrowed up from an apparently unnoticed tunnel just underneath the shop.

As it so happens, these big scaly Neopets are called the Kohmo, a species that has been, until just now, completely unknown to the rest of Neopia! It was really by sheer coincidence that they happened to smell the irresistible scent of food in Neopia Central that they rather excitedly revealed themselves.

After having eaten their fill, the Kohmo have shown to be surprisingly friendly and social, quickly making amends to the poor Fresh Foods shopkeeper and becoming friends with the locals in the area. With the prospect of lots of delicious food and many new friends to make, it looks like the Kohmo are all coming out of the woodwork now, and they’re exploring all over Neopia.

To celebrate their surprise discovery, shopkeepers are working up a storm to make a variety of items in honor of the Kohmo! Plushies and treats with their likeness are showing to be popular not only among local Neopians, but the Kohmo themselves.

Hmm.. but what's this? That Kohmo showing off their patterns in the middle there... That kind of colouration hasn't been spotted in Neopia before either. It looks so... iridescent. Seems like with the introduction of the Kohmo there's been a new colour discovery! I guess this sparkly and fluorescent colour helped them navigate the dark burrows.. and now it can be applied to multiple other pets and petpets alike!
Kohmo Species - Taffer
Iridescent Colour - Polymori
Individual Pet/Item Credits can be found in the Rainbow Pool + Item Information pages!

17th July - Something delicious is brewing!

New Feature

Jhuidah has opened up her cooking pot for public use to let people attempt for magical rewards - which can include new foods, an avatar, and some other miscellaneous gifts -- as we have added a few of our own custom recipes to the "mix", with more probably to come! You will be able to access the Cooking Pot through the Misc tab in Pet Central, or click the image above in the news post or title to get there instantly!

If you want spoilers on some of the custom recipes that we've added - join our discord and chat with other users - or wait until Sketched Neo releases a news post with them in.

With a last side note I'd like to apologize for the lack of recent updates and content, due to a lot of personal things happening in my life my priorities were elsewhere, however now things are clearing up and I should hopefully have much more free time and better mental capacity to work on Moderneopets again, so thank you for your continued patience!

21st June - The Yumack start to socialise!

New Feature

High on the mountains and in the deepest forests of Neopia, a certain neopet species has been keeping to itself for a long time…

These round, fluffy Neopets are known as Yumacks, and they're a cheerful, industrious sort. Most of their time is spent gathering food in the wilderness, and they all meet up in the fall to throw a great big party and judge who got the roundest before hibernating through the winter.

It turns out the Yumacks have had a bit of a population explosion this year, so they're travelling much further away from their homes in the mountains to find enough food to make it through the traditional hibernation. They're pretty fascinated by the fact that most Neopians don't sleep away the whole winter! Maybe you can befriend one and lend a paw.

With the arrival of the Yumack, shopkeepers all over Neopia are working hard to produce a variety of Yumack-related items! Kauvara's been busy brewing up potions, while other shopkeepers have been preparing plushies, toys, and delicious foods.

A big thank you to Blake for single-handedly recreating the Yumack in all poses with 34 colours and 90+ items, Hoorah!

10th June - Eventidings!

New Colours

As the weather warms up the nights get brighter... It's a lovely time of year to watch the sunset, and perhaps bring a friend or two!

NINE new Eventide Neopets have joined us, courtesy of Ren, Skye, velvetwormheptagon and Blake! If you have an Eventide Paint Brush, you can take one home with you today.

To also celebrate this massive batch of Eventides - the colour text that shows up on the lookups has been upgraded, as you can see in this news post, fancy!

8th June - Vonderful Vandagyres!

New Colours

Vandagyre have been feeling pretty self conscious with all the lovely colours the other pets come in, and have decided to try some new looks!

Faerie, Halloween, and a Moderneo reimagining of Mutant are now available for your pet Vandagyre! You do have a pet Vandagyre, right?

These new colours brought to you by Deebs! Enjoy!

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We open up applications on the 15th of every fourth month of the year.
(15th & 16th April, 15th & 16th August, 30th November & 1st, 15th and 16th December)

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