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Neopian News
26th September - Absense of Updates & Health

General News


I'm writing to let everyone know about my current health situation and the cause of my absence and lack of updates on the site. Most of the users on the Discord will know of my situation however there are many of you lovely users who aren't on there, and have deserved an explanation on why the site's updating has slowed to a near halt.

I've had many health issues over the year and one that arose about 4 months ago has gotten in the way of me doing any coding; I recently got the tests done (a second time due to the hospital messing up the first time) and it was revealed I have carpal tunnel in both arms. Our health system judges the severity on a scale of 1 to 6 (1 being mild, 6 being the most severe) and one arm is a 5 and the other is a 4. This leads to no other choice but surgery, which will have to be done one arm at a time and still might take a couple of months before I get it. (Will be pestering my doctors to speed up the process though.)

Coding/typing in general has become extremely painful for me, and has resulted in the lack of updates, so I do apologize for that and also for not writing up a news post earlier. This situation might take a while to resolve given how busy our health care system is and the recovery times for the surgery I will have to take (as well as waiting for the referral).

Don't worry - our artists are still powering on and there still will be art/colour updates; that won't stop. Plus, when I'm having good days and the wrists aren't hurting as much I will still get a bit of coding done here and there, but it will be few and far between, moreso when I am recovering from the surgery that's ahead.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patience. <3
I appreciate and love you all.
- Hazer

19th September - Arrr, me hearties! 'Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day

New Colours

Arrr, me hearties! 'Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Neopia be teemin' with a scurvy crew of pirate Neopets fit for a swashbucklin' adventure! ðŸī‍☠ïļâš“

Pirate Draik

First off, we got Captain Drakarrrr the Draik, soarrrin' through the skies with wings as grand as a galleon's sails! He be plunderin' the skies for rare treasures and golden doubloons, for he be the fiercest of all the sky pirates!

Pirate Acara

Next be Scallywag Acara Anne, with her sharp claws and even sharper wit. She be sneakin' through the shadows, stealin' booty and givin' landlubbers a fright they won't soon forget! Arrr, she be the sneakiest of 'em all!

Pirate Kitzen

The foxy Kitzen, known as Foxeh Fitz the Fox, be a crafty matey, trickin' foes with sly tricks and clever schemes. With eyes as sharp as cutlasses, he be findin' hidden treasures where others see nothin'!

Pirate Vandagyre

Vanda the Vandagyre, be she a swashbuckler of the skies! She be divin' from great heights to snatch shiny trinkets from unsuspectin' ships below. Watch out, for she be a true sky bandit!

Pirate Kau

Moo-nificent Captain Kau, with his mighty horn and sturdy hooves, be commandin' a ghostly pirate ship said to be cursed with riches untold! He be sailin' the haunted seas, seekin' out lost treasures and spookin' scallywags!

Pirate UsulPirate Xepru

Aye, 'tis Seadog Usul, with xeir trusty petpet Xepru, who be takin' charge of the Neopian seas! Xey after the mystical Dubloon-octopus, a creature said to grant unimaginable wealth to the lucky pirate who captures it!

Pirate Ruki

Ruki Roger, known for his many legs and slippery charm, be a master of navigatin' through treacherous waters. He be chartin' courses to uncharted islands, seekin' hidden riches and ancient artifacts!

Pirate Ixi

Lastly, there be Captain Ixi Nobeard, with their magnificent horns and fearsome presence. They be commandin' a crew of loyal neopets, and they be roamin' the seas, terrorizin' rival pirates and layin' claim to their ill-gotten gains!

So, me hearties, set a course for Neopia and claim one of these fine pirate Neopets as yer own! With their swashbucklin' spirit, ye be talkin' like a pirate and livin' like one too! May yer adventures be grand, and yer treasure chests overflow with Neopoints! Yo-ho-ho! ðŸī‍☠ïļðŸ’°ðŸĶœðŸĶŠðŸĶ…🐄ðŸĶĒ🐞ðŸīðŸī‍☠ïļ

10th September - Rules Additions/Changes

Updated Rules

Due to some things in the rules section being missing due to us believing it to be common sense, they have now been added into the rules page.
The changes and additions are:

Posting pornographic content/having it in your custom pages.

Posting graphic content/having it in your custom pages. This includes:

- Illegal Activities
- Graphic Violence
- Fetish Material
- Pornographic Content
- Anything that wouldn't be suitable to explain to a 13 year old or under.

We have also added this rule to our Prohibited Conduct clause:

Cheating / Attempting to cheat or illegitimately modify any features/functions/requests.

Please note by continuing to use our services you agree to the rules and the following changes to them.
Have a nice day!

25th August - Mutants & Dirt Goblins!

New Colours

Something new must be in the water... either that or Dr. Sloth has been experimenting more with his horrific mutants! Three new mutants have been discovered due to his unethical work. I wish that was all we had to report however... it gets more disturbing...

Mutant Lupe - (Blight)Mutant Ginko - (Brute)Mutant Blumaroo - (Cave)Mutant Meerca - (Ocular)Mutant Gelert - (Classic)

The mutants are... true to their name... mutating in different ways. Four new types of mutants have been discovered lurking in the shadows of Neopia. We're unsure if these are natural mutations or more heinous experiments, either way you can find the following new types of Mutants:

Blight, Brute, Cave Dweller, Ocular AND we've found some of the original experiments from Dr Sloth under "Classic"

All the subterranean digging and exploration that these cave dwellers and other mutants have been doing has stirred up the activity of the Ginkos! You can now find Eight new types of Ginko exploring Neopia, isn't that awesome?!

Lulamu Transmogrification PotionMutant MarafinKitzen Transmogrification Potion

There are two new Transmogrification potions that can be found for the Lulamu and Kitzen! Is that really a good thing, though?
It seems like the experiments weren't limited to Neopets... The Marafin has also been mutated, oh no!

12th August - Stamp Albums!

New Feature

You notice a magical sparkling book on the ground... that's a good sign you think, you're so used to magical grimoires being left everywhere after all. When you pick it up you notice that it's just an ordinary album... or is it?

The stamp album is here! It's time to go hunting to fill your album with all sorts of goodies to get some delicious, delicious avatars.
You'll even find that when you turn to a page of the album it will offer you the ability to fill it with any appropriate needed stamps that it detects in your SDB, Inventory or Gallery! isn't that neat?

Eventually this stamp album will grow and have Moderneopets custom albums with different, repeatable albums and rewards, so that is something to look forward too in the future! For now only the original stamp albums are implemented. You will notice that many of the newer stamps are missing, as we still need to update our item database. Do not worry, we'll update it eventually so you'll be able to complete those too!

For now, have fun collecting!

1st August - Cheese Rolling!

New Feature

It's the Discovery of Meridell day today and what better way to celebrate it than to... roll... some cheese.... down a hill? Okay. I guess we're doing that today! If you're fast enough you'll even be able to keep the cheese for yourself! Not sure if most of them are safe to eat though...

As a bonus - every August the 1st / Discovery of Meridell day will give a bonus 450 points to your cheese roller score!
So what are you waiting for? Get rolling!

26th July - Consultant Applications are Open!

General News

Hello Neopians!

We're very excited to announce that sign-ups for the Consultant role are starting now!

Consultants will assist with replacing offensive racist and antisemitic content from Retail, such as Mystery Island and Shenkuu. However, they'll also be consulted for advice for future Moderneopets colours, to provide diverse pet art that can represent everybody.

We specifically are seeking out people who are effected by the negative stereotypes currently portrayed by Neopets, and minority groups that can contribute to future projects.

You do NOT need to be a writer or artist!

Please consult the rules here for more details.
Once you've had a thorough and lengthy look through that entire page and feel like you'll be a great match, apply here!

8th July - Say hello to Skritter!

New Feature

You may have known about them for a while if you've been exploring the perilous jungle of Geraptiku, but if you haven't bumped into these little friends yet then boy do I have news for you! After their discovery there was a massive vote for what these friends should be named... The winner was Skritter! The name Skritter was thought into existence by four of our lovely Neopians, so congratulations:

For having your choice name be selected!
The Skritters have become so comfortable with Neopians now that they're leaving their jungle to go off and play with their new pals; and you can be one of them! Simply head on over to the jungle and adopt one for your own! They come in a default of EIGHT different colours, talk about spoilt for choice!

The shopkeepers took note of the new Neopets discovery a long while ago and have been anxiously awaiting the name voting to be over so they can start selling their merchandise! Skritter merch has hit the shops big time with 66 new items! This includes a bunch of Magical Plushies and Morphing Potions!

1st July - Happy Birthday Moderneopets!

General News

Happy Birthday Moderneopets!

Wow... it's hard to believe it's already been two years since we've been open! How fast the time flies by when you're having fun!

We hope for many fun more years to come and to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary/Birthday we're giving everyone...

Two Animalis!

... Animali? I'm not sure... but I'm sure with the upcoming release of our new Scorpion friend -- who will be known as Skritter thanks to your input, you'll need those slots!

Thank you all for sticking with us and helping us make and sustain such a lovely community.

Thank you to our lovely artists for their brilliant and beautiful creations that brighten our Neopian experience.

Finally, thank you for enjoying your stay here!

22nd June - Neo Polls & Tempion Voting!

New Feature

The names have been tallied and filtered through for our lil guy currently known as the "Tempion". That will change soon though! Four names have survived internal voting and now it's time for you to decide the fate (name) of the Tempion!

What better way to do that than a Neo Poll!
Yup, the old style neopets polls are back and in Moderneopets and we're kicking off with this!
Simply go to the front page and vote now!

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